Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild.

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Privacy Policy is the online home for Carolina Tiger Rescue, formerly known as the Carnivore Preservation Trust. Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit and operates with the legal name of Carnivore Preservation, Inc.

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Carolina Tiger Rescue respects your privacy. This document outlines the information we collect about visitors to our facility and to our website and details how we use the information we collect. This policy may be changed from time to time. Changes are posted on the website. It is your obligation to review the current policy. If you have questions or concerns about the policy, please email us or call us at the phone number listed above.


  1. Individuals making Tour Reservations
  2. Visitors to Carolina Tiger Rescue
  3. Website Visitors
  4. How to request changes to your recorded information

Individuals making Tour Reservations

What information is collected?

Carolina Tiger Rescue collects the reservor’s name, requested tour date and time, size of party (number of adults and children), credit card information, and contact information.

How is this information used?

Credit card information is required to enforce a cancellation policy. No holds are placed on the credit card. In the event the Reservor does not abide by the stated cancellation policy, the credit card information may be used to charge a fee equal to or less than the funds lost by Carolina Tiger Rescue. This information is accessible to employed staff, and is kept locked. Credit card information is regularly and securely discarded once the tour reservation date has past.

Contact information is collected to notify the Reservor in the event the tour must be moved or cancelled. Staff may also use the contact information to verify details about the reservation or to inquire about the Reservor’s preferences regarding their tour. This information is available to staff and to volunteers assisting with tours.

Visitors to Carolina Tiger Rescue

What information is collected?

Carolina Tiger Rescue collects visitors’ name and contact information, adult or minor status, purpose of visit, how the visitor heard about us, and whether the visitor wishes to receive newsletters, information on special events, and organization updates based on an “Opt out” check box.

Contact information, adult/minor status, and a signature are mandatory for legal reasons, additional information is optional.

All visitors to the facility must sign a release. All minor visitors must have a release signed by a parent or legal guardian. Anyone who wishes to take photos, video, or audio recordings on the property is required to sign a release that grants Carolina Tiger Rescue license to use any media (photos, film, audio) recorded on the premises or of its animals.

How is this information used?

If visitors check "I do not wish to receive newsletters, information on special events, and other updates" then their presence and locale (county, state, and country) is tallied by Carolina Tiger volunteers for maintaining visitor statistics and then filed. Contact information is not recorded.

If visitors do not check this box, their contact information, the date of the release and the visit, and the purpose of their visit is recorded into a digital database. This information is entered and may be referenced by Carolina Tiger volunteers and/or staff.

Address information is used for mail campaigns and newsletters. Phone numbers may be used to verify address data, and, if needed, to contact individuals regarding business directly related to the organization. Email addresses are used to send e-newsletters and if staff need to contact an individual regarding business directly related to the organization.

Carolina Tiger Rescue does not provide the information it collects to 3rd parties.

Website Visitors

What information is collected?

Carolina Tiger Rescue uses Google Analytics to evaluate web site traffic. Google Analytics does install a cookie if the visitor’s browser allows. Information collected by Google Analytics includes:

  1. IP Address
  2. Browser type and plug-ins
  3. Page Referral (the page the visitor used to enter the site, the page they went to when they leave)
  4. Screen resolution
  5. Operating System

In addition, visitors may choose to provide information to Carolina Tiger Rescue via an online form. Examples include tour evaluations, signing up for newsletters, or directly contacting a specific staff member. This information is sent to the appropriate staff member via email, and then may be recorded in our database.

How is this information used?

Information collected from website visitors is used to evaluate the performance of the website and improve the visitor’s experience. This information is reviewed in an aggregated report, not individually. Details like IP address are used for determining statistics such as number of website visitors from North Carolina, etc. Browser information is used to make sure the site’s design suits its visitors.

The aggregated information about Site users from Google Analytics may be used to describe our service to prospective business partners and other third parties, and for other lawful purposes.

Information collected via forms is used to provide site visitors information they request. This information may be recorded to ensure that visitors receive future information from us in accordance with their preferences.

How to request changes to your recorded information

Individuals may request changes to the personal information collected by Carolina Tiger Rescue by e-mailing us or by calling us at (919) 542-4684.