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Volume 4, Issue 4, 12.02.2009

A New Name: Carolina Tiger Rescue

Pssst, have you heard the news? Carnivore Preservation Trust (CPT) has adopted a new name: Carolina Tiger Rescue. CPT was founded in 1981 to preserve endangered and threatened animals through breeding programs. As the environmental community began addressing the survival of those species, CPT shifted its focus to fill a more vital and missing role- rescue and conservation education. The new name better informs the public of this important change.

Thanks to You...

Thanks to the generous gifts from three separate estates, Carolina Tiger Rescue will expand its Development and Education programs- great news for both the animals and the public. Carolina Tiger will also establish an endowment to enhance its financial stability and ensure that the sanctuary remains a vital resource for wild cats in need.

New Facebook Home

Come share the holiday season with us on our new facebook Page - Carolina Tiger Rescue! This does represent a move from the Facebook Carnivore Preservation Trust page, so whether you're an old fan or new, become a Carolina Tiger Rescue Fan and check out photos and video of wild cats celebrating the holidays!

Help Carolina Tiger win $1,000,000 for its wild cats

Vote for Carolina Tiger in the Facebook Chase Community giveaway, and help the cats win $1,000,000! Over 100 prizes will be awarded, and your vote can make Carolina Tiger competitive. To enter, simply click on the banner below, and vote for the cats! Help us go viral by publishing your vote to your Facebook page and/or inviting your friends to vote as well.

Gold, Frankincense, & Fur Parties

Want to share your love of Carolina Tiger animals with your friends? Host a "Gold, Frankincense, & Fur Party". Simply host your holiday party between December 1st and December 31st and reserve 5 minutes for a Carolina Tiger representative to speak with your guests!

For details contact Pam Fulk at (919) 542-4684.

Animal Profile

Jellybean has the notorious distinction of being Carolina Tiger's white tiger. He originally came from the Nashville zoo whose director knew Dr. Bleyman, Carolina Tiger's original founder. Jellybean was a surplus cub in a litter of white tigers. He received his name because the pads on his paws resembled pink jellybeans when he was small.

Jellybean is simply put, spoiled. His coloring gets him lots of extra attention from visitors, even though he prefers his white coat be as dirty as possible. Unfortunately, for some time he was off the tour route because his roomie, Tex, became uncomfortable with tour groups. Thanks to a move next door where Tex has separate space in the back, Jellybean is now greeting groups again, glowing in the dim light of sunset at the end of the Twilight Tours, begging for treats with Chewbacca impressions and loving the limelight again (but don't let him fool you, he picked up the vocal tricks from Tex). Jellybean is not all "me, me, me." He is sensitive enough to pick up on the moods of his visiting friends, and is willing to come off his pedestal for an encouraging visit.

Jellybean provides an important lesson for Carolina Tiger visitors. Guides explain how many private breeders inbreed tigers with the white gene to get the popular white offspring. This practice results in surplus orange tigers that need homes and many tigers with the genetic disorders common in inbred animals.

How to Help

Wishlist- Bananas and Latex Gloves

Carolina Tiger's binturongs are running low on their favorite- bananas! Keepers are short on medium and large latex gloves worn when preparing lunch for the animals. Please consider donating one of these items during your next visit.

Recycle your Christmas tree as a tiger toy!

Wildcats love to play with recycled Christmas trees! You are welcome to recycle your tree as a wildcat toy- just remove any hooks, tinsel, or lights and deliver to the area of the staff lot to the right of the white vehicle canopy.

Donate / Adopt

New Volunteers

Carolina Tiger Rescue relies on the efforts of volunteers to care for our many animals. Welcome our newest volunteers!

Manish Ahuja
Priya Bose
Mary Brown
Ruth d'Entremont
Sharon Goell
JoAnna Jarred
Ashley Lee
Katie Needham
Janet Selbst
Stephanie Sherman
Brooke Waggoner

Current Events

Saturday, December 12th
Kid's Enrichment Day

Wednesday, December 23rd
Thursday, December 24th
Monday, December 28th
Wednesday, December 30th
Friday, January 1st
Holiday Tours
By reservation only, early reservations recommended.

Saturday, February 27th, 2010
2010 Black Tie & Tails Ball
Journey to India, land of the Tiger, for the 2010 gala fundraiser!

New Members - Welcome!

Holly Garrigan
Sara Juengst
The McCollum Family
The Morgan Family
The Munshi/Dodds Family
The Leach Family
The Nuss Family Family
Leah Barnum
Edward Bennett
The Erdem/Richards Family
Jami George
Christopher Chappell
Susan Meyer
Candace Barringer
Breanna Kerr
Kristine Barr
Rachel Goldsmith
Priscilla Scherer
Ashleigh Jones
Kane Martinez
Jeffrey York
The Armentrout Family
The Breaks Family
Sara Andux
Sara Becker
The Prakel-Cassidy/Harrison Family
Megan Kassabaum
Nell Kriesberg
Megan Reynolds
Kimberlyn Warren

About Memberships

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