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Volume 4, Issue 2, 05.05.2009

Rescuing Apache and Nitro tigers from Kansas

Apache and Nitro tigers arrived to CPT quarantine from Kansas on Wednesday, April 15th. The Kansas facility, Prairie Cat Animal Refuge had faced pressure since last May from PETA for the condition of the facility, what local Sheriff Rod Taylor described as a junkyard.

Prairie Cat agreed to surrender its 2 tigers and 3 lions to escape charges following a lion attack earlier this year. The Detroit Zoo agreed to accept the facility's 3 lions, and CPT was asked to take the remaining 2 tigers.

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Black Tie & Tails Ball 2009

Thanks to our guests and sponsors for making the Black Tie & Tails Ball 2009 a success! CPT raised over $10,000 (net proceeds) to support the ongoing care of its animals, and the auction's Fund-A-Cause raised $3,625 to repair the backhoe.

Ball guest Samara Bauer tries her luck at Lucky's treasure chest, as Master of Ceremonies Donald Jones and CPT Staffer Kyra Bucich look on.

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Elvis Serval peers out from his crate

Elvis in the Building!

A serval surprise this last week in April- Elvis Serval was found in the CPT driveway on the morning of April 27th with a note sharing his name and a brief medical history.

A local veterinarian examined Elvis the morning he arrived. She determined that Elvis is about two years old and significantly undernourished. He showed evidence of a collar having grown in to his skin at some point. He has permanent scarring, likely the result of continuous rubbing on a cage or crate, and his hind legs are atrophied. Taken together, these findings suggest that Elvis was kept in confined quarters.

Elvis has been cleared of potentially infectious viruses, and now inhabits an isolated enclosure where he can serve the remainder of his quarantine period.

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Great Human Race Success!

The 2009 Great Human Race was a great success for CPT. Our dedicated volunteers helped us raise a total of $6,469. Mark Zeringue was once again the CPT Teamís top fundraiser. Laurie Bryant was the second place fundraiser, followed closely by Ruth Stalvey. As was the case last year, we have qualified for an additional matching gift of $3,000 pledged by a private foundation. We also had a good showing on race day with 11 volunteers and staff walking or running in the race.

Animal Profile - Albert Kinkajou

The Kinks are out!

Come out for a summer tour and meet Albert Kinkajou, a long-time resident of CPT. Albert and his fellow kinkajou, Wednesday, were moved this week to their summer homes and have returned to the CPT tour route.

Albert was born at CPT to James Earl and Crystal kinkajous when CPT still functioned as a breeding facility. Although hand-raised, Albert became the king of mischief. In fact, this relatively very small animal has been upgraded to the same aggression level as our tigers and leopards. Check out his online profile to see his vampiric bat impression- scary! But mostly, Albert sticks to his "adorable" state, punctuated by moments of kinkajou rudeness.


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Adopt a Recent Rescue

CPT's recent rescues, Apache and Nitro tigers and Elvis Serval, were all in dire need of a real home. You can contribute to their future care with a one-time gift to CPT, or support them for their lifetime with a CPT adoption.

CPT adoptions enable you to form a very special and life-long relationship with a wonderful animal. Adoptive parents enjoy unlimited visits with their animal and will be trained to interact with them safely.

The cost of adoption is based on the size of the animal and reflects the typical cost of care. Adopted animals remain at CPT in the care of the keeper staff.

You may also sponsor one of our new rescues, and receive an 8x10 photo, a certificate of sponsorship, a biography of the animal, and a species fact sheet.

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Tiger Tug!

CPT intern Lenore Braford, inspired by a similar project at the Calgary Zoo, created a "Tiger Tug" enrichment toy for Rajah and Kaela tigers. This prototype will be a model for additional installations at other tiger enclosures. "Enrichment" is a way of enhancing an animal's life in captivity by stimulating or challenging them, such as giving the animal scented toys or hidden meat treats.

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Current Events

Saturday, May 9th, 2009, 2 - 4 pm
Kids Enrichment Day
Kids make toys for CPT animals. Reservations Required. Price: $30/child

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009, 2 - 4 pm
Teen Enrichment Day
Teens craft enrichment items for CPT animals. Reservations Required. Price: $35/teen

Monday, May 25th, 2009
Memorial Day Tours
Special public tours for the holiday. Reservations required. Call (919) 542-4684 for times and availability.

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