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Volume 3, Issue 5, 12.17.2008

Big Cats Parade the Town!

L. to R. - Animals in Siler City Parade, Tori Jones and Beth "Tiglet" on float, Oscar Tiger

CPT's big cats joined the Siler City parade on December 3rd and the Pittsboro parade on December 7th. The float depicted an especially wild Christmas morning: Oscar Tiger tore down the tree, Tippy Leopard and Dmitri Serval got tangled in Christmas lights, and Raphael Caracal explored the presents- courtesy of CPT's float partner, French Connections. The animals featured on the float were created with paper mache, and then handpainted by CPT staff.

Thanks to those who came out and cheered us on!

Black Tie & Tails Ball - March 21st 2009

Online ticket sales are now available for 2009's Black Tie & Tails Ball! The 2008 ball raised over $29,000 for the big cats, and we hope you will join us in 2009 to make the event even more successful.

March 21st, 7-11pm
Washington Duke Inn, Durham, NC
Tickets: $125/person

CPT is seeking sponsors, donated auction items, and volunteers to assist at the event. If you can help volunteer, contact Volunteer Coordinator, Scott Miller. If you have ideas for Sponsors or auction items, contact our Director, Pam Fulk.

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Give a wildcat sponsorship to an animal lover!

Big Cat Gift Ideas

Know any animal lovers?
Purchase an Animal Sponsorship on behalf of a friend! Send out holiday cards featuring CPT animals. CPT fans should grab the chance to get CPT logo sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hoodies- now available in limited quantities. CPT Memberships also make excellent gifts!

"In Honor" Donations
"In honor" donations can be made in person, by credit card over the phone, by check in the mail (be sure to include honoree's name and address), or online.
Tip: For online gifts, set the shipping address to that of your honoree, and we'll take care of the rest.

Nuts, Coffees, Teas, & More!
Not the gift ideas you had in mind? You can use your holiday shopping to help CPT as well. Shop from the NutsOnline CPT page from now till the end of December, and NutsOnline will donate 10% of your purchase to CPT. It's the perfect gift for the "nibbler" or gourmet connoisseur!

GoodShop: You Shop...We Give!

Shop Online
Or avoid the lines and shop online at GoodShop.com, and many of your favorite online stores like Target, Amazon.com, and Best Buy donate a portion of your purchase to CPT.

Let your gift give again this holiday season!

Animal Profile - Emerson

Emerson tiger was rescued along with 3 other tigers (Fenimore, Mona, and Moki) from the Wesa-a-Geh-Ya facility in Warrenton, MO this September.

Wesa-a-Geh-Ya closed following an attack on a volunteer by a tiger named Hercules. Hercules was shot and killed by his owner to stop the attack, and his body was initially hidden from local authorities. At the time Wesa announced its plans to close, there were approximately 22 tigers, 8 lions, a cougar, and several other exotic animals on a small portion of the 17 acre property. The other animals were placed at different sanctuaries and animal parks in Oklahoma, Colorado, and North Carolina.

Emerson was distrustful when he arrived at CPT, but he is adjusting to friendly faces. He has not reacted well to the tour groups, so guides lead the tours quietly past his enclosure. He is not large for a tiger, and both he and Fenimore show structural problems in the front shoulders, most likely the result of inbreeding. Emerson is easily recognized by his pronounced snaggle-tooth, and his lack of trust inspires CPT staff and volunteers to take those extra steps to make him feel comfortable and safe.

Emerson was recently used as the model for Oscar- CPT's paper mache parade tiger. Oscar even shares Emerson's snaggle tooth.

Get Involved

CPT's holiday season is underway, and there are plenty of convenient, easy ways to help our furry friends.

Holiday Shopping
Check out the many ways your holiday shopping can contribute in the article above.

CPT Holiday Wishlist
Nearly half of CPT's operational expenses are provided by services and inkind donations- items rather than cash. Help CPT by donating basic operational supplies.

Recycle your Christmas Tree
You can recycle your live tree as a wildcat toy to help provide additional enrichment for our wildcats after the holidays. You may drop off your tree between 8:00am and 5:00pm in the staff lot between the freezer and the pond.

Gold, Frankincense,
and Fur Parties

This year, make your holiday party a "Gold Frankincense & Fur Party"! Throw a party at your house (or venue of choice), sometime between December 1st and December 31st. Sometime during your party, pass out CPT brochures and give a CPT representative a few minutes to speak. Invite your friends to make a gift to CPT ("in honor" gifts encouraged).

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New Volunteers

CPT is grateful for the volunteers who donate their spare time to make a difference. We'd like to welcome our newest volunteers who have completed their orientations:

Carol Coyne
Shama Dunlow
Kate Elliot
Joseph Thomas
Greg Sanders
Victoria Bender

Mike Blouin
Monica Foley
Mark Kolanach
Cindy Leacox
Jocelyn Roux

Current Events

Special Holiday Public Tours

Monday, Dec 22nd
Tuesday, Dec 23rd
* Wednesday, Dec 24nd
Friday, Dec 26th
Monday, Dec 29th
Tuesday, Dec 30th
Wednesday, Dec 31st
Thursday, Jan 1st
Friday, Jan 2nd

* extra Christmas Eve Twilight Tour!

Bring your family out to see the tigers! Reservations required. Call (919) 542-4684 for scheduled times and availability.

Dec 25th
Christmas - CLOSED

March 21st, 2009
Black Tie & Tails Ball
Online ticket sales now available for The Big Night for Big Cats

New Members - Welcome!
The McCarthy Family
Patricia Luke
Amy Crowder
Jenny Crowder
Mark Scalco
Elizabeth Scalco
The Davis Family
The Datar Family
Cheryl Farthing
The Healey Family
Mary Toms
Sherry Livingston
Lauren Richey

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