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Volume 3, Issue 4, 09.23.2008

Wesa-a-Geh-Ya Tigers arrive at CPT!

Wesa rescue Fenimore tiger sports the face of a worn teddy-bear

CPT rescued 4 tigers from the Wesa-a-geh-ya facility in Missouri when the facility closed following a tiger attack on a volunteer. The 26-year-old volunteer, Jacob Barr, underwent surgery and lost his leg below the knee. The tiger, Hercules, was shot. The local sheriff set a deadline of September 16th for all the animals to be removed from the Wesa property.

How many animals were there? Where did they go?
G.W. Exotic Animal Memorial Park in Oklahoma picked up 8 lions, 4 tigers, a cougar, a leopard, and 6 other exotic animals from Wesa. Our four tigers were the next to leave, arriving at CPT on September 5th, and the remaining 15 tigers are being transferred to Serenity Springs in Colorado.

What sort of situation were the animals in at Wesa-a-Geh-Ya?
There is a significant amount of ongoing debate about animal care at Wesa-a-Geh-Ya and about its responsibility in the attack. If you would like to know more about the controversial history of the facility, the community discussion on Topix.com offers published news articles and ongoing commentary from the Warrenton, MO community.

How are the tigers? What condition were they in?
The tigers arrived fairly dirty, and a bit grumpy. They were small, but not thin. The male tigers appear to have structural issues that may be a result of inbreeding. All four tigers were given veterinary physicals on Thursday, Sept 18th. The males have been neutered, and the females have been treated for roundworms. CPT will consider spaying the females once their bloodwork is evaluated.

The Wesa tigers have adjusted well to quarantine. The male tigers were renamed Emerson and Fenimore, after classical authors, and the females were renamed Mona and Moki- names suggested by the state they came from. "Mona" is a Gaelic name meaning "little, noble one", and "Moki" is the name of a tribe of native Americans.

After 30-60 days in quarantine, barring any health problems, the male tigers will be placed in Pollo tiger's former enclosure, and the females will join Tiger Island. They will remain off the tour route until CPT staff are confident that tour traffic will not cause them undue stress.

For a "behind-the-scenes" account of the tigers' arrival, complete with photos and video, visit the CPT Insider Blog, The Secret Turtle.

For updated photos and videos, check out CPT's Facebook page (login, search for "Carnivore Preservation Trust") and YouTube channel.

What can I do to help?
Please check out the "Get Involved" section of this newsletter for ideas of how you can help provide these rescued animals with a lifetime of quality care.

Black Tie & Tails Ball - March 21st 2009

Online ticket sales are now available for 2009's Black Tie & Tails Ball! The 2008 ball raised over $29,000 for the big cats, and we hope you will join us in 2009 to make the event even more successful.

March 21st, 7-11pm
Washington Duke Inn, Durham, NC
Tickets: $125/person

CPT is seeking sponsors, donated auction items, and volunteers to assist at the event. If you can help volunteer, contact Volunteer Coordinator, Scott Miller. If you have ideas for Sponsors or auction items, contact our Director, Pam Fulk.

More ...

Kids observe Rajah playing with a freshly scented toy.

Kids' Enrichment Day

CPT Intern Sara Waltz will be hosting a "day of enrichment" on Sunday, Sept. 28th from 10 am - 3 pm. One of the diffiulties of wild animals being kept in captivity is boredom, so anything provided to them to provide interaction is enrichment: pools for the cats, disposable paper mache balls to bat and crush, different smells that engage a wildcat's natural instincts. Captive animals provided with enrichment live happier, longer lives, and watching them play is a lot of fun!

Attendees will make disposable enrichment toys for our wildcats, and then join Sara as the toys are handed out to CPT animals.

Open to ages 8-13
Sunday, September 28th, 10 am - 3 pm
Cost: $10 per child

Limited space available

To reserve your child's spot,
email Sara Waltz.

CPT photos from dotPhoto

Now you can order photo prints of your favorite CPT animal online, through dotPhoto.com!

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Animal Profile - Hobie Serval

Hobie (formerly known as Shumba) joined the CPT pride on July 15th, when Curator Kathryn Bertok and Keeper Jennifer Fuller picked him up from a private residence in Asheboro, NC. Hobie had originally been acquired as an 8 week old kitten from a wildlife center in Okeechobee, FL. Hobie was kept in the house as a family pet, but as he grew, he began acting out- developing aggression toward males and eating various inappropriate objects- including a flip flop and a phone cord! Hobie's owner surrendered him to CPT after his 2nd bowel surgery to remove an item he had eaten.

Hobie was moved to his new home in the South Park neighborhood of the CPT compound. He was hesitant to come out of his crate at first, but began exploring his enclosure once the activity in the area had died down. He tasted some of the grass, but soon became interested in all the new sounds. He is not on the tour route to ensure that he can adjust to his new surroundings in peace. The name "Hobie" was suggested by Volunteer Coordinator Scott Miller.

Get Involved

Help us prepare for the Missouri Tigers!

Emerson, Fenimore, Mona, and Moki are now safely residing at quarantine, but CPT needs to expand their enclosures before they move in. There are several ways you can help:

CPT must raise funds for the lifetime care of these four tigers, approximately $5000 per year for each tiger. You can contribute to their care with a direct contribution.

Adopt a Tiger
Our new tigers need adoptive parents to help fund their ongoing care. The Adoption program is designed as a lifetime commitment that allows you to build a relationship with these wonderful animals!

Donate Construction Materials
CPT has created a Lowe's Gift Registry for the items needed to expand the new tigers' enclosures. CPT can pick up registered items from the Pittsboro store.

Please note that CPT will need an additional $600 in Lowe's gift cards to purchase plywood.

Pampered Chef® Fundraiser

Information and links about this fundraiser were removed from the archived version of our newsletter to be in compliance with Pampered Chef® policy.

New Volunteers

CPT is grateful for the volunteers who donate their spare time to make a difference. We'd like to welcome our newest volunteers who have completed their orientations:

Shirley Horton
Kartik Jayaraman
Connie Nelson

Current Events

Sunday, September 28th, 10am - 3pm
Kids' Enrichment Day
Kids ages 8-13 may come to enjoy making toys for the tigers! Reservations required.

Friday, October 31st
Halloween Twilight Tour- The only Twilight Tour of the year open to all ages! $22/person

March 21st, 2009
Black Tie & Tails Ball
Online ticket sales now available for The Big Night for Big Cats

New Members - Welcome!
Kartik Jayaraman
The Solari Family
Jill Kalish
The Parish Family
The Ivey Family
Sean Macbain
Nathan Bullen
Lindsey Reitz
Andrea Kassebaum
The Rottier Family
Geneva Kelling
The Jordan Family
The Rhodes Family
The Sills Family
Jamie Pritchett
Richard Harris
Ian Williams
Caroline Green
Paula Roa
Melissa Rodas
The Martinez Family

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