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Volume 3, Issue 2, 03.21.2008

The Great Human Race - for Big Cats!

Support our team in the Great Human Race- a 5K walk/run in downtown Durham on Saturday, March 29th to raise funds for the big cats. If we meet our goals, CPT Volunteer Coordinator, Al Ummatov, has agreed to dress in costume as Jellybean tiger and lead the GHR team in the "Ocelot Dance"!

Donate: You can still donate online at Active.com. Be sure to specify "CPT" as the organization you are supporting in the checkout process.


Great Cat Keepers Summer Camp

Join fellow animal enthusiasts for a five-day camp to discover what life is like for a wildlife animal keeper. Meet tigers, ocelots and binturongs up close and learn the secrets of caring for threatened and endangered animals through exciting hands-on activities, games, and crafts!
2006 Summer Camp

Space is limited, register today!

Session 1 June 9th - June 13th
Session 2 June 16th - June 20th
9:00am 3:00pm daily
$200 per camper
Open to rising 3rd-5th graders

Right: 2006 campers observe Rajah tiger with enrichment.


Black Tie & Tails Ball a Roaring Success!

Thank You for an evening of dinner and fun at the inaugural benefit gala for the Carnivore Preservation Trust. The 2008 Black Tie & Tails Ball raised $29,000! The "Fund a Cause" auction at the event raised $3,265 towards the purchase of golf cart vehicles that will allow visitors with mobility problems to have the chance to meet big cats. We hope you'll join us in February 2009!

A special thanks to this year's event sponsors, that were so important to the event's success.


New to the Paws & Shop- Animal Sponsorships!

Now CPT has a way for you to sponsor your favorite wildcat! Your sponsorship includes an 8x10 photo of your chosen animal, a biography for your animal, a species fact sheet, and a certificate of sponsorship.

Sponsorships are available for Kiniki Caracal, Karrimah Serval, Coda Binturong, Magoo Ocelot, Romeo Tiger, Rajah Tiger, Kaela Tiger, Rajaji (Raj) Tiger, Isabella Tiger, and Wednesday Kinkajou at a cost of $25 each.

Custom animal sponsorhips are available for a cost of $40, and require an additional week for processing. To request a custom sponsorship, call (919) 542-4684.

Pre-Order CPT Logo T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and Hoodies

You may also now pre-order the popular CPT logo shirt in all available sizes and new colors. CPT will be able to fill pre-orders bi-monthly.

Brandon Clouded Leopard, a former CPT resident.

Conservation Column

This addition highlights current headlines in conservation news, and lets you know what you can do to support conservation and environmental efforts!

Thai Clouded Leopard Project

Those who volunteered at CPT in the past may remember Brandon, a clouded leopard. Brandon was donated to the Smithsonian National Zoo's research facility to participate in the SSP for clouded leopards. CPT recently received an update on Brandon, who is now 11 years old. He is beginning to develop arthritis that is typical for his age, but is otherwise doing well.

The update on Brandon is an excellent chance to highlight the National Zoo's Thai Clouded Leopard program. Clouded Leopards are difficult to study in the wild and notoriously difficult to breed in captivity. The Thai program is connecting the experience of the Smithsonian Zoo with efforts at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Thailand to ensure species survival.

More about the Clouded Leopard Project.

Earth Hour- March 29th

We're asking you--and millions of others--to switch off the lights at 8 pm local time on March 29, 2008 during "Earth Hour". Earth Hour is a global event to make a positive impact on climate change, inspiring individuals and businesses to take practical action.

Where will the lights go off?
Major participation is planned on six continents. Even San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge will be going dark for Earth Hour!

What can I do?
1. Sign up to participate.
During that hour, replace old light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) and commit to reducing energy consumption in the year ahead.

2. Tell your friends about Earth Hour.

New CPT Volunteers

CPT is grateful for the volunteers who donate their spare time to make a difference. We'd like to welcome our newest volunteers who have completed their orientations:

Mandy Womble
Heather Matthews

Animal Profile - Magoo Ocelot

Magoo is the mischievous youngster at CPT. Born in 2000, Magoo was one of the last animals born at CPT. (for information on why CPT discontinued its breeding program, visit our CPT History page) Magoo greets tour visitors cheerfully IF, and only if, the guide is armed with a treat- and then visitors can experience the friendly, or more likely greedy, growl of an ocelot.

Magoo proudly displays the beautiful fur coat that has so threatened the ocelot in central and South America. He then receives his reward from the guide, and quite literally turns tail for his denbox. On off-tour days, there's always a chance he is hiding in his large plastic tube, or enjoying the view from a tree branch at the top of his enclosure. Whatever he may be up to, it will definitely be on his own agenda.

Isabella Update: For those volunteers that were recently concerned about Isabella Tiger's limp, Isabella has fully recovered and is back to her normal self. She was sedated on February 21st for X-Rays and bloodwork under the supervision of Pittsboro Animal Hospital's Dr. Weiser. Although her X-rays were inconclusive, her bloodwork was good. After her examination, she did begin to recover from her limp on her own.

Get Involved

¿Hablas Español?

CPT hopes to offer regular Spanish tours in the future, but needs fluent bilingual volunteers to establish the infrastructure to support them.


Start doing your Internet searches with Goodsearch.com, sponsored by Yahoo, and raise money for CPT. Select CPT as your charity, and start searching!

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!
CPT Involved in Study

In addition to the pawprint research conducted for WildTrack, a new study will use photos of CPT animals to explore the predator recognition abilities of human and non-human primates. These photographs will be shown to humans, macaques, and lemurs to determine which predatory features are important in discriminating between predators and non-predators (for example, are the eyes of a tiger an important feature that help humans determine whether the animal is dangerous?). The study will be conducted at Duke University by Jessica Yorzinski (a graduate student from the University of California at Davis).

Current Events

March 29th
The Great Human Race
A 5K walk/run - for big cats!

April 12th
Twilight Tours
This popular Saturday evening tour resumes and will continue through October.

April 22nd- Earth Day

New Members - Welcome!
Linda McCarley
Anna Kushner
The Wimmer Family
The Perizzolo-Mattox Family
Robin Thomson
Samantha Farinella
The Klein Family
The Adams Family
The Wolf Family

About Memberships

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