Volume 2, Issue 4, 9.16.2007
Fall at CPT

Fall brings a lot of activity to CPT: the big-cat-friskies as the weather cools, the last weeks with Albert and Wednesday kinkajous on tour (they move inside for the winter), carved out pumpkins with treat surprises for the animals, and even turkeys for the tigers on Thanksgiving! This fall is no exception as a new tiger arrives, Raj tiger moves to Tiger Island where he joins the tour route, and a plethora of events to make the animals part of your season.

We hope you will join us, as we will be offering some of our traditional events as well as some new ones! Come out for the Burrito Bash on October 2nd, hop on a hayride tour (in lieu of the Fall festival of years past), or get spooked on a special Halloween Twilight Tour.

Cat on a New, Wood Roof!

CPT's summer campaign to raise the money to replace the denbox lids in several animal enclosures was a tremendous success, with over 20 denbox sponsorships! The cats (and binturongs!) with new roofs would like to express their thanks!

Animals with new denbox lids (so far)
Bandit Caracal
Bok Binturong
Ragsdale Caracal
Becky and Coda Binturongs
Oliver Ocelot
Tailessa Caracal
Julio Ocelot
Sarah Caracal
Nutmeg Caracal
would like to thank the following Denbox Sponsors
Kristin White del Rosso
Katie Anderson
Julie Emerson
Kenneth Moore
Danielle Jahn
Ian Nelson
Kartik Jayaraman & Ash Canniputher
Sharon Bass
Ken and Gina Turcotte
Al and Judi Phillips
Shirley Horton
Sharyn Lupold

Staff Profile

Al Ummatov - Volunteer Coordinator

Al joined the CPT Staff on July 30th as our new Volunteer Coordinator. Al grew up in central Asia, part of the caracal's range! The Amu-Daryo tiger (aka Caspian or Persian tiger), now extinct, is also from this area.

Al has a Master's degree in Linguistics and a Bachelor's degree in Economics, and speaks Uzbek and Russian in addition to English. Al worked for the Peace Corps in Uzbekistan for nearly 9 years, and then he and his wife moved to the United States in December, 2004.

We welcome Al to CPT!

Paws & Shop

Logo T's are Back!

CPT has just received a shipment of our popular logo t-shirts, available in hunter green, grey, and white. We are also offering them for the first time in youth sizes (hunter green only). Be sure to get yours!


Rescue Profile - Vincent Tiger

photo courtesy The Southport Times.

"Vincent", is a 10-year-old tiger coming from a facility that closed down in Bolivia, NC. CPT staff picked him up on September 6th to deliver him to "Tigger's Rest", the NC Zoo quarantine facility. The length of his quarantine will depend on the assessment of his health status, but CPT hopes to welcome him within a few weeks. He will be placed in Rajaji's enclosure, as Raj has been transferred to an enclosure on the front of Tiger Island.

NC Zoo staff have already reported that Vince is beginning to adjust to his new environment, his vasectomy and medical evaluation passed without incident, and CPT awaits the results of his bloodwork.

Animal Memorials

September has dealt a striking blow to CPT as some of our most beloved and well known animals have left us in a short span of time. As staff were offsite tending to Vince's transfer, the remaining staff struggled with the sudden loss of Avalon leopard. Four days later another blow came, as Shalimar tiger succumbed to cancer and Skylar binturong to heart disease. It is hard to be losing so many of our friends, but our job is to give them as long and as happy of a life as possible.

Shalimar Tiger

Shalimar reigned as the sophisticated queen of CPT. Dr. Bleyman himself orginally rescued Shalimar from a roadside zoo in Florida, where she had been declawed. Her temperment proved the perfect match for CPT's legendary tiger, Romeo, calmly keeping his dominance in check.


Avalon Leopard

Avalon was the quintessential black leopard - smooth, sleek and smart. She usually greeted us with a deep growl that resonated through her chest and quivered the air. But, Avalon had another greeting that astounded us all. Avalon would say the word "hey" perfectly. Several volunteers, visitors and staffers heard her say it and actually responded - thinking another person was around! But it was just Avalon talking - on not such a growly day.


Skylar Binturong

Skylar could be considered one of the world’s most perfect bints. She enjoyed all of a bints most beloved past times… eating food, napping in the sun and visiting with her two-legged friends. Though she was fond of bananas (as just about every bint is), she was never one to turn down a fig. As fond of food as she was, she was also just as happy for a little bit of company from her human friends.


Get Involved

Call for Event Volunteers
Do you have experience in event planning? CPT needs volunteers for its first formal gala, the Black Tie & Tails Ball, scheduled for February, 2008.

You can help CPT's animals with your day to day shopping and errands.

Food Lion Shop and Share
Feed tigers and your family when you use your MVP card! Reminder: you must renew your charity yearly.

Open a bank account and SunTrust will donate $100 to CPT.

Register with iGive, and a portion of your online shopping benefits CPT's cats.

    Current Events

    September 14th - December 4th*- Holiday Raffle
    What would you do with $1000? Take a chance (or buy a few) to win a $1000 Mastercard just in time for the holidays! Tickets are $5.00 and can be purchased at CPT, or online.
    * Winner will be announced December 6th

    October 2nd, 6-9pm - Burrito Bash
    Ole! Join us at The General Store in historic downtown Pittsboro, NC for food, fun, live music, and a silent auction.
    Where: The General Store Cafe, (Map)
    Cost: $15.00

    October 20th, 21st, 27th, 28th- Hayride Tours
    Celebrate the fall with a big cat hayride! Call (919) 542-4684 for reservations.

    October 31st- Halloween Twilight Tour
    Get spooked by the big cats on the last Twilight Tour of the season.

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