Volume 2, Issue 3, 7.6.2007
Cooler 911 - Crisis Averted!

On Saturday, June 23rd, CPT's walk-in cooler stopped working. CPT faced the loss of approximately 150 cases of bananas that would have been fed to binturongs and kinkajous. The cooler could not be repaired, so we needed a replacement.

View the news story on WRAL.

Thanks to the coverage provided on several local stations and on the website, CPT received an enormous response from throughout North Carolina and from as far away as Pennsylvania and New York! CPT will be installing a new cooler that is being provided at cost; delivery and installation were donated! CPT is also taking advantage of this opportunity to move the food preparation area to a new, more secure location.


A special thanks to:
Robert Rehkop of C.C. Dickson Co. for providing a replacement compressor at a generous discount
Mark Herman, who will be providing a new cooler at cost value
Bobby Fowler, who also offered a replacement compressor
Phil Spaulding of Cold Shot Refrigeration, who is assisting in the installation of the replacement compressor
Jim Blankenship of Blankenship Refrigeration, who also volunteered his services

Cooler Contributors
Thanks to those who graciously responded to our Cooler 911!

Gene Krueger
John Dainotto
Jana Johnson
Lise Bireline
Michele LaCatena
Bill and Renee Goodwin
Rachel McLaughlin
Stephanie Palmer
Lauren March
Linda Richards
Michael and Deanna McNamer
Shirley Cook
Lesley Olson
Jacquie Carroll
Alan Hardacre
Elaine Mangrum
Alan and Linda Nelson

Tip of the Tail - Fundraising News

Rescue Tails
CPT’s $85,000 quarantine campaign, Rescue Tails, is nearing the “tip of the tail”, with only $10,000 to finish the building and another $5000 needed in medical supplies!
The quarantine facility now has a roof and internal caging, and is awaiting wiring and plumbing. Thanks to those who helped us get this far! Our quarantine will prepare us to respond immediately to the plight of wildcats in need of a home!


Shades of Green

Bok Binturong (seen above) would like to thank the numerous humans who responded to the Shade Sponsorship campaign! CPT’s initial goal to provide much needed shade tarps for 12 animals resulted in 42 sponsorships! Now many additional animals in the compound have new shades this summer!


Shade Sponors

Sharon Bass
Shelley Benson
Camilla Brown
Maria de Bruyn
Susan Doody
Nancy Gazo
Heather Hartman
Bill Crandall
Angela Britt
Sharon Heaton
Patti Jenkins
Vanessa Patchet
Al and Judi Phillips
Ken and Gina Turcotte
Kristin White del Rosso
The Knight Family
Alan and Linda Nelson
Kenneth Moore

Animals with new shades include:

Comet and Baroness Caracals
Richard and Bocca Caracals
Doobie and Shroom Binturongs
Murray and Laverne Servals
Miami and Karrimah Servals
Simon Serval
Todd Serval
Santana Serval
Cheyenne Caracal
Bok Binturong
Colette Serval
Ragsdale Caracal

Animal Memorial - Disraeli

April 11, 1990 - May 13, 2007

Disraeli, one of the most beloved animals in the CPT family, left us on May 13th. He is memorable to guests as the three-legged black leopard, as he had lost one of his front legs from an injury. Disraeli had a very outgoing, social personality and this, coupled with his infirmity, always garnered this beautiful male leopard lots of attention and love from all of us at CPT. Dis will be remembered for having the most loving and loyal personality. He truly loved people and never missed an opportunity to be with them.


Get Involved

Be a Denbox Sponsor!
CPT's Keepers have noticed that several of the cat's denboxes are getting a little worse for wear (especially some of the ocelots, who are a little rough on their living space!)

Santana, Mary Stewart, and 23 other CPT animals need your help!

Call for Event Volunteers
Do you have experience in event planning? CPT needs volunteers for its first formal gala, scheduled for February, 2008.

Letter from the Editor

You may notice this e-news is coming to you in a new format! The new Carnivore Chronicles is more compatible with email programs and will allow archived newsletters to be kept on our website. We hope you enjoy the new format, and welcome your feedback as CPT reaches more of the community!

- Amanda Byrne, IT Administrator

Current Events

August 4th - What's Fur Dinner?

Think you can eat as much as a tiger? Dig in on Saturday, August 4th, for What's Fur Dinner? Eat at a participating restaurant, and 5% of the proceeds of your meal will help feed CPT's wildcats!
New Members - Welcome!
Butch Powell
Sue Register
Joan Compton
The Almich Family
The Brodey Family
Rosemary Lyon
Mark Chandler
Robin Schectman
The Budde Family
The Hower/Wicker Family
The Rivera Family
The Tyrell Family
Lori Rhinefield
Leah Bar-On Simmons
Lyla Kolman
The Erickson Family
Beth Carton
The Dias Family
The Lyman/Armstrong Family
Debra de Alba
The Janet Family
The Rocamora Family
Dana Daum
The McCrink Family
Joan Greene
Peggy Hood
The Sauer Family
Alana Ramo
The Dupont Family
Greg Maness
The Ralph Family
Ralph Gabor

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