Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild.

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Become an ESNC Friend

Carolina Tiger Rescue is one of 70 environmental organizations supported by workplace giving donations through EarthShare North Carolina (ESNC). ESNC is a giving option in all NC state and federal workplaces, as well as some local government and private company campaigns. To see if your workplace allows you to support Carolina Tiger through ESNC, view ESNC's complete list of campaign sites.

ESNC Friends are volunteers who help spread the word to co-workers, friends, and peers about the vital work Carolina Tiger and other ESNC groups are doing to protect the environment, and the easy way employees can support environmental groups through their workplace giving campaign.

As an ESNC friend you might:

  • Make ESNC brochures available to co-workers, or use an e-mail template provided by ESNC to share information.
  • Talk to co-workers one on one about your interest in the work of ESNC organizations, and how necessary the work of these groups is for a safe and healthy North Carolina.
  • Place posters in the break room or other appropriate spots in your office building.
  • Explore with your workplace giving coordinator the possibility of inviting ESNC to make a presentation.
  • Use social media (like Facebook) to share information and spread the word about the work of ESNC groups.

If you would like to help Carolina Tiger as an ESNC friend or if your place of business doesn't offer ESNC as a giving option, please contact us for more information.