The Black Tie & Tails Ball is an annual gala event benefiting Carolina Tiger Rescue, a nonprofit providing lifelong sanctuary to wildcats rescued from the pet trade and conservation education to the public.


Tickets for the 2016 Black Tie & Tails Ball are not yet available

The Cause

The Black Tie & Tails Ball supports the work of Carolina Tiger Rescue in Pittsboro, NC. The organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that rescues wildcats from the pet trade and provides conservation education to the public.

Carolina Tiger Rescue’s mission is important. The trade in exotic pets is so rampant, legislation and enforcement so lax, that there are more tigers in private ownership in the United States than are left in the wild. North Carolina residents are prohibited from owning native wildlife, such as a chipmunk, but can legally own a tiger, regulated only by county or city guidelines.

Our highlighted animal this year is the kinkajou, native to Belize and other tropical areas in Central and South America.

Meet Wednesday Kinkojou: Wednesday was brought here when a private owner could no longer care for her for fear of being bitten. Wednesday had been declawed to avoid scratching her owner (notice her “nubs” instead of non-retractable claws), but her temperament was not conducive to domestic life. She was born in 1988. Kinks are known for their feisty nature. Small animals like these often display aggression as a defensive strategy to keep larger animals away. Even without provocation, a kinkajou may growl or bite to protect itself. They communicate to one another vocally, and can emit a wide variety of sounds from chitters to screams to chirping noises.

Although they are mostly solitary animals, they are sometimes seen foraging for food in large groups. Family groups sleep in the same location and often engage in group grooming.

Other kinkajous, lions, cougars, caracals, ocelots, servals and of course tigers, share their own stories with the 14,000+ visitors that tour Carolina Tiger Rescue each year. Visitors interact with the animals from as close as 5 feet from their habitat, an intimate experience designed to engage visitors and galvanize them into action. Guides teach visitors about the threats to wildcats in captivity and in the wild and how visitors can change those circumstances.

Proceeds from the Black Tie & Tails Ball contribute to the care of Carolina Tiger’s animals and developing programs: educational tours, student workgroups, youth camps, animal internships, conservation research, and volunteer opportunities. Please join us at the Black Tie & Tails Ball to support our very special animals.

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