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Kizmet Tiger


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Kizmet arrived at Carolina Tiger Rescue on September 13, 2011. She was rescued when the Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO), in Texas, closed its doors due to funding issues and faced mandatory euthanization. She came to WAO in 2003 from a court-ordered seizure of 24 tigers from Tigers Only Preservation Society (TOPS) in New Jersey.

She had a "hitch" in her left hip when she walked. Kizmet was a very sociable cat and it didn't take her long to warm up to people. She was frightened by loud machinery and would usually move out of sight. She lovds her pool, and enjoyed being sprayed down with a hose.

We lost Kizmet in March, 2014. Kizmet had been declining for a couple of weeks and we felt that she no longer enjoyed many "good" days. Her necropsy revealed masses in her lungs. Dr. Lassiter believes that she had metastasis to her lungs from a primary brain tumor. Otherwise, her organs looked normal for a tiger of her age.

Kizmet certainly made a big impact on many of our family members. She was an incredibly friendly and vivacious tiger. She would come up to visit every time I went down to see her, no matter the weather or how well her back legs were working that day. Her last years here at Carolina Tiger Rescue were certainly filled with lots of love and joy. Her kind spirit will be missed by all.

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Tribute by Curator Kathryn Bertok.

Photo/s courtesy of Amanda Byrne, ©Carolina Tiger Rescue