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Skylar Binturong


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Skylar could be considered one of the world's most perfect bints. She enjoyed all of a bints most beloved past times- eating food, napping in the sun and visiting with her two-legged friends. Though she was fond of bananas (as just about every bint is), she was never one to turn down a fig. As fond of food as she was, she was also just as happy for a little bit of company from her human friends. When you came to visit, you couldn't help but stare into her incredibly sweet eyes. And while she enjoyed company, she also took advantage of her wonderful fire hose hammock for napping the afternoons away. With all of these traits Skylar was certainly a true bint-ambassador. She was probably the first binturong that most people had ever met in their life- and a perfect example of what a binturong should be.

While all of our furry friends that have passed away will be missed, Skylar, I think, will always hold a special place in a bint-lovers heart.

Tribute by Kathryn Bertok.