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Jellybean has the notorious distinction of being Carolina Tiger Rescue's white tiger. He originally came from the Nashville zoo whose director knew Dr. Bleyman (Carolina Tiger Rescue's original founder). Jellybean was a surplus cub in a litter of white tigers. He received his name because the pads on his paws resembled pink jellybeans when he was small.

Jellybean is simply put, spoiled. His coloring gets him lots of extra attention from visitors, even though he prefers his white coat be as dirty as possible. Unfortunately, for some time he was off the tour route because his roomie, Tex, became uncomfortable with tour groups. Thanks to a move next door where Tex has separate space in the back, Jellybean is now greeting groups again, glowing in the dim light of sunset at the end of Twilight Tours, begging for treats with Chewbacca impressions and loving the limelight again (but don't let him fool you, he picked up the vocal tricks from Tex). Jellybean is not all "me, me, me." He is sensitive enough to pick up on the moods of his visiting friends, and is willing to come off his pedestal for an encouraging visit.

Jellybean provides one of the most important lessons for Carolina Tiger Rescue visitors. Guides can explain how many private breeders will inbreed tigers with the white gene in an attempt to get the popular white offspring. This practice results in surplus orange tigers that need homes and many tigers with the genetic disorders and disfigurations common in inbred animals.

Photo/s courtesy of Jeff Matthews, ©Carolina Tiger Rescue