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Disraeli Leopard


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Disraeli was one of the most beloved animals in the Carolina Tiger Rescue family. He had lost one of his front legs from an injury, but you would have never known by the way he puttered around the habitat he shared with Avalon leopard. Disraeli had a very outgoing, social personality and this, coupled with his infirmity, always garnered this beautiful male leopard lots of attention and love from everyone.

Disraeli was also quite the “gardener” and usually kept the front fence of his habitat free from weeds, vines and other vegetation that were not a part of his overall landscaping scheme for his enclosure. He loved to roll around in straw and to take long naps in the sun.

He received his name from Benjamin Disraeli, a Prime Minister to (and who, by all accounts got along well with) Queen Victoria of England.

In May, 2007, staff began to notice that Disraeli was beginning to show very painful arthritis in his sole front leg, the inevitable result of the increased load. Dis did not respond to additional pain medication. On May 13th, Carolina Tiger Rescue's veterinarian came to examine Disraeli, and confirmed that Dis' leg was causing him unbearable pain. Staff made the difficult decision to euthanize him.

Dis will be remembered for having the most loving and loyal personality, uncharacteristic of a leopard. He truly loved people and never missed an opportunity to be with them. We feel privileged to have known such a cat.

Photo/s courtesy of Andy and Melissa Foshee, ©Carolina Tiger Rescue