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Pena Snow Leopard


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Pena was born at Carolina Tiger Rescue (then CPT) to Magnolia and Ramon. Both parents came to Carolina Tiger Rescue from other facilities.

Pena had a beautiful "hurrrrrruh" voice that balanced between a purr and a tiger chuffle. Pena also enjoyed hunting volunteers from behind the rocks in her enclosure, only to run silently to the fence as soon as they turned their back. When she was feeling especially playful, she would have a good romp back and forth her enclosure fence with the accomodating volunteer trying to keep up.

Pena passed away of heart failure. Pena gave Carolina Tiger Rescue's family a tremendous respect for the beauty and rarity of snow leopards- and we will treasure the priviledge of sharing a few moments in time with such an amazing animal.

"Dear Pena, one of our rarest gems, who taught us to simply be who we are, with no apologies." - Pam Fulk

Tribute by Amanda Byrne.

Photo/s courtesy of Andy and Melissa Foshee, ©Carolina Tiger Rescue