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Kiniki Caracal


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Kiniki was quite a character! One of the most social caracals in Carolina Tiger Rescue's family, he almost always opted to show off for visitors by parading at the fence of his habitat. He commanded respect for his turf, however, by rubbing his fence against scent glands in his mouth. This rubbing deposited Kinikis unique scent and marked his habitat as his own. Happy to honor his request for space, we all enjoyed the "Kiniki catwalk" on his terms.

Kinikis features were also quite striking. He had an almost chiseled face, big exotic eyes and a stout, muscular build - all topped of with the characteristic magnificent black ear tufts. He walked with a very confident swagger in his step that vcommunicated the caracal reputation for speed, ferocity and tenacity.

In his later years, Kiniki was moved off the tour route. As they grew older, Kiniki became less than kind with Mary Stewart, his habitat mate. They were eventually separated. Kiniki was a bit crotchety in his old age, but we loved that fiery personality.

Photo/s courtesy of Amanda Byrne, ©Carolina Tiger Rescue