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Elwood Jaguar


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Elwood lived at the Carolina Tiger Rescue (then CPT) for 24 years. Yes, 24 years. At that time, he was the oldest animal in the compound, and practically an organization mascot. Both of his parents were some of our first rescues and Elwood himself rescued many a tired staffer, volunteer or visitor from feeling glum.

True to his jaguar nature, he was exceptionally strong and powerfully built, and he routinely splintered his enrichment platforms with his massive feet and claws. Elwood could spot a treat bag from a 100 paces, loved posing for pictures and melted at the smell of rosemary.

Despite his advanced years, Elwood was vibrant and timeless. His jaguar coat, said to represent all of the stars of the heavens, was brilliant. His eyes revealed an impish, laughing gleam that never failed to lift the spirit, open the heart and inspire.

Although Elwood's spirit was indomitable, his advancing arthritis crippled the quality of his last years. When medication could no longer relieve his extensive pain, Carolina Tiger Rescue made the difficult decision to euthanize.

Elwood's presence was so strong and awe-inspiring, those who remember him continue to share their impressions with each other and to hold a great respect for the jaguar species.

Tribute by Julie Brittain/Amanda Byrne.

Photo/s courtesy of Andy and Melissa Foshee, ©Carolina Tiger Rescue