Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild.

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Renew your membership during the Fall Membership Drive (September 1 – October 31) and you will be entered into a drawing to win a Painting with the Cats Tour! Win this exclusive tour, and you will not only get the chance to help the cats enjoy a fun enrichment, but you get to take home an original cat print – that you helped make! How awesome is that?

Jellybean Tiger ~ 1997 - 2015 ~

On Friday, June 19th, Carolina Tiger suffered the loss of our beloved and most reknown resident Jellybean Tiger due to heart failure.

Jelly, you were the favorite of many children, an treasured experience for tour guests, an adored personality to volunteers, the darling of your adoptive parents; and, as the last big cat remaining from when they first came to Carolina Tiger, an end of an era for many long-term staff and volunteers- you were part of our first sense of awe when we were granted the privilege of working on behalf of big cats.